The world has reached an inflection point for social impact investing. A new paradigm is not just quickly approaching – it’s here.

The Wharton Alumni True Impact Fund (WHATIF) is founded by an impressive group of Wharton MBA Alumni who are experienced 'social entrepreneurs' in diverse sectors both in developed and emerging markets. Our mission is to 1) identify revenue sustainable businesses led by quality social entrepreneurs, 2) to assist in funding those ventures via private equity and/or strategic partnerships, and 3) to provide support and guidance in managing and growing these ventures.

Our fundamental goal is to affect positive change in the well-being of the 'middle class' in many different socio-economic and geographical zones and quantitatively measure our 'delta' toward moving the 'bar' up.

We believe that a private equity funding mechanism that leverages all the best practices and intellectual capital that resides within the alumni community of Wharton allows us to make strong inroads in multiple directions. WHATIF is all inclusive and looks forward to strong collaborations with all parties both in and out of the Wharton network. Based on decades of experience, we know that a key success factor for social ventures is the ability to navigate large enterprises, municipalities, government entities and large institutions. Investors, partners and other stakeholders of WHATIF will be invited to participate in advisory and mentorship roles.
We have developed a 'platform strategy' for investing in our ventures. This allows us to both fund individual businesses as well as pool funding, technologies and resources for each particular sector. We believe this innovative business model affords greater flexibility for all shareholders.
Urban Renewal
Rural Infrastructure
Financial Inclusion